About OpenFu

Openfu.Inc is a small game consulting and software development shop, run by Udo Schroeter and friends. Our expertise lies in custom software made in C, C++, C#, Python, and JavaScript. We support small studios and agencies with tools and optimizations. We love working with in-house games and engines, but we also have experience with the Unity and Unreal engines as well as common middleware and libraries.

You got the game - we'll make it run (and run well).

Tell us what you're working on and where you need help: Email

OpenFu's Own Projects

Codename: Compo

Compo is a web platform for running game jams we're working on right now. Development is ongoing, but you should be able to see a working demo on the test server: Compo Test Server


A collection of code containing stuff that I find useful and need often: Udolib


Udven is a sporadic idle game development project where we test out ideas and generally have some fun: Udven Games

Home Overlord

Home Overlord is a simple, multi-protocol (HomeEasy, HomeMatic, GPIO, Z-Wave) home automation software. It is open source and designed to run on a Raspberry Pi: Home Overlord

Rolz.org Online Dice Rooms

Rolz is a free tool Udo made that enables a group of friends to play pen&paper roleplaying games together, online: Rolz.org

UD10 Generic RPG System

Udo's D10 roleplaying system is a quick, generic ruleset you can use to conduct roleplaying sessions: UD10

Gamedev Programming Streams

Check out what other gamedevs are working on! We made a site that pulls together currently active gamedev streams from Youtube, Twitch, Picarto, and Hitbox: ProgrammingStreams.net